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Country Reputation Theory: Brazil’s Brand Image in the United Kingdom

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posted on 2022-11-22, 13:44 authored by Fabiana Gondim Mariutti
The meaning of a country brand image in the competitive global world is evidently a multidimensional phenomenon, as various stakeholders are involved in the reputation of a country. However, existing research discreetly recognises the presence of theoretical convergences regarding the image of a country (e.g. country-of-origin, country branding, nation branding) and country reputation. Therefore, the aim of this cross-disciplinary research is to rationally explore and describe Brazil’s brand image while making advances into the evolution of country reputation theory. By probing associations, perceptions and awareness based on country reputation dimensions, this research scientifically evaluates the case of Brazil considering four stakeholders: the government and the citizens of the country, the media and the residents of the United Kingdom. Philosophically, interpretivism and constructivism are employed in this multifaceted and unique snapshot case study. Methodologically, mixed-method was chosen containing three phases. In Phase I, news coverage and historical documentation were adopted followed by Phase II, which included an elite and expert interview with the Brazilian Government and a focus group with UK residents. Content analysis aligned to thematic analysis was carried out for Phases I and II. In Phase III, two surveys were undertaken with UK residents and with Brazilians using exploratory factor analysis. The analysis and interpretation of the overall results indicated a medium country reputation of Brazil in the UK. The reputation of a country is certainly embodied over time-fixed and temporary associations with a country name, as perceptions are revealed underneath the country-of-origin construct recognised by multiple stakeholders. This research offers a groundwork for future studies on theorising country reputation theory. It also provides support to manage country reputation as the conclusion emphasises integrative and continuous strategies applied to enhance a country reputation within the globalised context of international business. Finally, this thesis contributes not only to academia and government authorities, but also to professionals engaged in the management of country reputation, specifically for Brazil’s economic and sustainable progress through ethical and reputable competition.


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