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Effective Corporate Governance Practices and Sustainable Performance in the Nigerian Banking Industry

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posted on 2022-12-07, 14:16 authored by Moses Nagbiku

This study investigates the relationship between effective corporate governance practices and sustainable performance in the Nigerian banking industry. This investigation covers a period of five years, from 2008 to 2012. The strategic question that this research sets out to investigate is: “how do effective corporate governance practices impact on sustainable performance in the Nigerian banking industry?” This research is motivated by the desire to better understand the operationalisation of corporate governance principles/policies and the triple-bottom-line concept of sustainable performance in the Nigerian banking industry. The research philosophy is subjectivism with regard to ontology and the epistemology is interpretivism. Coming from the perspective of social constructionism, due consideration is given to social actors that are involved to establish reality. The research methodology is qualitative, the research design is comparative - studying six Nigerian banks, data sampling technique is purposive, and the data analysis is thematic. The research findings reveal that effective corporate governance practices will invariably impact on sustainable performance in the Nigerian banking industry, if the banks are committed to sustainable banking practices. This investigation will be of benefit to operators and practitioners who will better appreciate the importance of the operationalisation of corporate governance principles/polices and its integration with sustainability. The result of such integration is the triple-bottom-line effects of sustainable performance namely, economic, environmental and social. In conclusion, this study will encourage the banking industry to embrace sustainable banking practices with the aforementioned and attendant benefits of sustainable performance, for the Nigerian economy.

Key words: effective corporate governance practices, corporate performance, banking industry, sustainability/sustainable performance, effectiveness, efficiency and efficacy.


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