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Exploring the Strategic Interdependence of Innovation Capabilities: A perspective of the Canadian Manufacturing Sector

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posted on 2023-01-10, 09:14 authored by Timothy McCulley

Innovation and strategy are central issues for businesses operating in an ever increasingly competitive market place. For many firms the pursuit of a sustained competitive advantage through strategy is the focus of senior leadership. A key driver of this focus is the firms’ capability to innovate. This research demonstrates that the pursuit of a sustained competitive advantage, firm performance and long-term growth can be achieved through strategies focused on innovation capabilities (IC) development. 

The author cites literature which argues there are two, three or four innovation capabilities strategies based on Schumpeter (1934). However, the author argues, that there are five distinct innovation capability strategies that are interdependent, based on resource interdependencies and are essential to an overall firm strategy.The research employs an extensive literature review, leader interviews and quantitative analysis of data collected from an industry survey to highlight the significant factors influencing a firms IC. 

The findings of this research provide empirical support for five distinct Innovation Capabilities strategies, as well as supporting interdependence between the five strategies. Additionally, support was found for three outcomes tested. For Business the implication is that interdependencies between distinct innovation capabilities resources and strategies can either support or adversely affect outcome performance where interdependencies between resources and strategies is not fully understood. From a theoretical perspective, this study tests the combination and application of Resource-based View and Social Interdependence theories and proposes a less classical perspective of RBV as well as a combination of RBV with SI theory in extending IC research of the firm.


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