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Intelligent Kindness in UK student nurse practice placements? A Mixed Methods study

posted on 2023-11-14, 08:45 authored by Jenny ShawJenny Shaw

The study aim was to examine the impacts of the theory and practice gap in UK pre-registration nursing student`s practice education, fifty percent of their undergraduate programme. Nursing student`s real- world clinical learning environments are crucial for progression to the professional register because this is where they learn to become nurses. This element of UK nursing student`s educational programmes is currently challenging, both in resources and organisational culture.

This study used the Clinical Learning Environment Scale (CLES) (Saarikoski & Leino-Kilpi 2002) and lens of intelligent kindness (Ballatt & Campling 2011) to understand nursing student`s experiences in practice settings. This is a new conceptual application of this theory, examining this area of concern, and provides one element of this study`s originality.

A convergent mixed methods research design with a longitudinal approach, and three-point data collection, was used. The CLES framework (Saarikoski & Leino-Kilpi 2002) provided the data collection instrument for the quantitative phase and informed the focus group questions in the subsequent qualitative phase. The integrated findings resulted in the development of an original new model, the Clinical Learning Environment Relationship Model (CLERM), which represents the main element of this study`s contribution to the knowledge for this area of concern.

This study`s findings confirms the hypothesis, in the literature, that the supervisory relationship, at the micro level of influence, is pivotal for student nurse`s practice education. The CLERM, with intelligent kindness (Ballatt & Campling 2011) as the central conceptual framework, and study lens, moves the discourse to the wider organisational spheres of influence. Including the broader areas of responsibility and accountability impacting nursing student`s real-world clinical learning environments. Recognition of the influences across the micro, meso and macro levels of impact informed the recommendations for application to practice, healthcare policy makers and future research.


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