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Promoting confidence and reducing anxiety after stroke – a feasibility study of using tailored relaxation techniques delivered on a relaxation DVD

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posted on 2023-01-24, 17:24 authored by Connie Smith

Background: The present research examined the perceived feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of using a set of multi-component tailored relaxation techniques administered on a relaxation DVD for stroke survivors, including those with aphasia. 

Method: A mixed-methods design was utilised during a two-phase study. During T1 38 stroke survivors completed baseline questionnaire measures and were presented with the relaxation techniques delivered on a relaxation DVD within their support group setting. Participants received a copy of the DVD to practice twice a day, five times a week at home over the 4 weeks. They then returned to T2 to complete the follow-up measures (n=24 at T2). Focus group discussions/interviews were also conducted at the end of T2. 

Results: Qualitative findings portray stroke survivors perceived the set of tailored relaxation techniques as feasible to practice and appropriate for those who have experienced stroke. They demonstrate a perceived effectiveness of the techniques in relation to their confidence and in feeling less anxious/stressed. However, only their situation-specific confidence scores showed an improvement after using the relaxation techniques. All of the techniques are deemed useful, however certain techniques are perceived as more effective in inducing relaxation. Generally, survivors appeared to prefer practicing at home as opposed to the group setting, yet they outline potential benefits of group activities. 

Conclusion: This feasibility study provides a basis for a larger, future research study to test the effectiveness of multi-component, tailored relaxation techniques on stroke survivors’ confidence, anxiety and distress levels. The evidence regards the tailored relaxation techniques as a promising, feasible and appropriate intervention for stroke survivors, although a lower frequency of practice would be helpful.


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