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The Future of United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom Higher Education: A University Social Responsibility Model for International Partnerships

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posted on 2022-06-16, 16:24 authored by Mohamed El Ansari
Higher education has undergone a period of rapid change, particularly in terms of the significant growth and proliferation of transnational collaborations and partnerships, and the increasing interdependence between countries in all areas including economic, political, social, cultural, and knowledge. Alliances and student mobility have existed between the UK and the UAE for over 10 years where branch campuses have played a major role. This study addresses a gap in knowledge which will be filled by embedding University Social Responsibility (USR) within the existing university operation dimensions which will benefit transnational university partnerships. A multiple case study approach has been employed utilising social responsibility and stakeholder theory in the context of joint partnerships between UK and UAE universities. The findings of this study demonstrate the need to integrate and embed social responsibility elements when universities engage in transnational education strategies. An instrumentalist low context strategic position creates equivalent implementations that minimise risk, maximise control for the home institution but limit cultural integration and freedom. A socially orientated educational approach was identified characterised by structures and processes that enabled a high level of contextualisation, collaboration and community engagement. The adoption of USR practices optimised the sustainability and competitiveness of transnational partnerships. This framework represents a key contribution to knowledge in terms of transitional USR Framework for Branch Campus Partnerships that can be employed by all stakeholders wishing to implement a successful transnational partnership that generates social capital. This guides the development of USR practices that generate social capital and enable the collaborative stimulation of intellectual capabilities to promote social development and growth. A key output is a network perspective for stakeholder engagement that defines diverse social interactions, structures and processes that connect different actors across university dimensions. Bridging between internal and external stakeholders to generate dynamic and meaningful value-exchanges that can contribute to IBC competitiveness and social value.



Martin Samy; Alexandra Kenyon

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