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The development of a conceptual framework for sport coaching

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posted on 2022-12-07, 15:24 authored by John LyleJohn Lyle

This synopsis of existing published work provides a rationale for, and describes the development of, a conceptual framework for the study of sport coaching. The framework comprises an extensive and comprehensive set of constructs and relationships that form a basis for discourse and the conduct of research, education and development. The origins of the framework are identified, within an academic field of study that was under-theorised, under-resourced and displayed ill-defined concepts. Each of the submitted works is then described and its contribution to a coherent thread of conceptual development illustrated. There is an attempt to situate the incremental development of the framework within the understanding of coaching concepts at that time. Key features of this conceptual framework are described in detail and their insinuation into the literature illustrated: coaching as process, definitions of coaching, roles and boundaries, coaching domains, models of coaching and a coordination function. 

An analysis of later publications demonstrates how these concepts have been further elaborated over an extended period of time in response to a maturing field of study. Although judged to have impacted successfully, particularly the notion of coaching domains, the synopsis recommends that more needs to be done to emphasise the importance of conceptual clarity, especially in research design and dissemination. Attention is drawn to the sport coaching construct as a family of roles, identification of core functions, the contextual particularity of coaching practice and expertise, and the conceptual precursors of coaches’ decision making. An evaluative summary concludes that key concepts have impacted policy documentation and the academic debate. The conceptual framework, as identified in these works, has acted as a reference point for academic writing and research, and has made a coherent, original and substantial contribution to the academic study of sport coaching.


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